Just when you thought it was safe… Bot Pirates!  The action extravaganza continues in Aqua Rangers – Episode 3

alphamonkey sez: Yup, it’s another installment of Nick Gibbon’s excellent ‘Aqua Rangers’ series.  If you haven’t checked out parts 1 and 2, I suggest you get on it. 

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Water, adventure and spandex! The exciting second episode to the wettest Internet series ever!

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Who do we call to protect us from evil when the Universe floods? The Aqua Rangers of course!

Acton and adventure have a new name, and that name has been submerged in water. Join Webb Torpedo and Rusty Bolts as they battle evil through-out the recently flooded universe.

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by RadioactiveCrotch on November 17, 2006

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Here’s a short film I wrote and directed about the dangers of trying to change destiny.  View ”Stall

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This is a trailer for a show I wrote and directed called the Aqua Rangers.  It’s a cross between the old Flash Gordon serials and Kroft Superstars, but with a modern twist. Pretty silly stuff.  Enjoy this trailer. 

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Space Zones

by RadioactiveCrotch on December 12, 2005 · 2 comments

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Prepare yourself for Space Zones, the sci-fi epic from beyond!

This is a pretty funny 2 part short film. If you like Star Wars and you like moustaches, then this is the short for you!

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