Matzo Man

by Stassi-of-Macdom on April 12, 2006

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Since Passover begins at sundown (with tomorrow being the first full day of Passover), how about a little kosher cheer for the occasion?

Corny, but very, very catchy.

If you need more kosher goodness, check out Dan Meth’s brilliant spot for

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It’s a little early in the month, but considering the fact that we’re already hearing Xmas music EVERYWHERE we go, we might as well get in some good play time for Chanukkah.

M-M-M-My Menorah!

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Not Backing Up Can Hurt

This site may appeal to all the techies on Transbuddha. The video is fun, but I enjoyed the Virtual Tour. There’s an added bonus cameo appearance, for all the ST:TNG, and ST:DS9 fans out there.

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