Team Tiger Awesome

Hero.  Legend.  1980s cinematic genius.  Not to mention an inspiration to all things awesome.  These are just a fraction of the many ways to describe the one and only, Billy Zabka.  Billy Zabka, the man who defined the role of the “bad guy” in such classics as “Just One of the Guys,” “Back to School”, and of course “Karate Kid,” can now add “maker of the funniest music video ever created” to his list of accolades.

Seriously, ”Sweep The Leg“ featuring the band, No More Kings, is written and directed by Billy Zabka, and may be the greatest thing created by humans ever in the history of the world or at any possible conceivable time, dimension, or realm.  It is tits.

The video also has a number of hilarious cameos from Sensei John Kreese, the Cobra Kai, Mr. Belding, to Ralph Macchio.  Please do yourself and favor and watch.

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