The Black Glove

Pick up relics, artifacts, and other items that deal with your personal favorite religion! Hell create your own!

“While your soul may be eternal, these deals aren’t”

Be sure to say hi to Bobo!

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Immersed in the history of the Kansas City bar scene is a legendary creature that everyone has heard of, but few have ever seen. This creature is the “Funtard.” He is a mentally challenged young man with questionably large amounts of money. His ulitimate goal is to insure the good time of himself and others. “Funtard” seems to become unusually wise as the night progresses. His words of wit may astonish anyone at any time. Even people who carry back-packs.

There is a tragic side to “Funtard’s” presence, though. Someone HAS to take him home at the end of the night. He will usually pass out in your car. When this happens, your neighbors will usually come outside to walk the dog or something. The implications of a member of the community catching you carrying a drunken, mentally-challenged man into your home at 4:00AM can be devastating. Watch yourself. It could happen to you.

My first contribution. Created by me. Merry Xmas

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