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Looks like Houlihan’s restaurant is trying their hand at viral with a flash version of the drinking game “I Never”.

You can answer stock questions or make up your own, then invite your friends to join in.  The game is just like the real thing.. except you’re playing at your computer and not at a party… and there’s no alcohol… and you probably won’t wake up in the morning next to that girl that looked soooo hot last night.

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A little different than some of our standard fare, but don’t ever accuse your friendly neighborhood Buddhists of not caring for your health!

It’s the Men’s Health Interactive Supplements Guide.  Very nice flash piece allowing men to figure out what we should be taking to bolster the nutrients (or lack thereof) in our diets.  You can look up by symptom or by supplement, read some background information, the create and print a Supplement List.  Back pain?  Try some white willow bark.  Chronic fatigue?  Bust out the Co-Q10.  Addiction to the Asian sex slave trade?  Ummm.. {awkward silence}

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I’m a big fan of the Colbert Report, and the probably the funniest bit I’ve seen is the “Gravitas Off”.  Done on both his first and 100th episodes, Colbert invited Stone Phillips to the show to have a showdown of who could deliver ridiculous news segues with the most gravity.  Here’s the one from the first episode.

And it’s your lucky day!  Because today is Two-Fer-Thursday.. or Friday.. whatever day it is – I’m too lazy to move my mouse down to the bottom right to check the clock (I have one of those new 1700” monitors).  Anyway, over on DHADM I’ve posted the grudge match from the 100th episode.  It’s definitely worth the click over (unless you also have a 1700” monitor).

As a bonus, he/she who enters the funniest “gravitas headline” of their own in the Comments section will win a cash prize (consisting of all the money in my sofa cushions).

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Some ol’ skool entertainment – Stop Motion and Ms Pacman.  Jelle Van Dun spent 6 months creating the neat little gem, My Animated World.

The vid kinda put me in a conflicted mood.  Several video game refs and funny bits keep the mood light, while the cloudy skies and tremendously good drum n bass soundtrack – “Chinois” by “godfather of jungle” (arguable), DJ Aphrodite – set a dark and ominous tone.

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An amusing and well-narrated piece from BBC’s show, Top Gear, covering some humorous (and street-legal) vehicles.

A couple translations for the Queen’s English-impaired:

<GLASS-ee-ya> = glacier

“bird-puller” = chick magnet.

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Yet another Google mashup

Some clever fellow has put an airplane animation on top of the Google satellite maps, allowing you to joyride over a few major cities.  Fairly simplistic right now, but the idea has a lot of potential. 

Personally, I think this is a clever anti-terrorism tool – anyone practicing diving runs at major American landmarks will have their flight routes sent to NSA and win a one-way ticket to Gitmo.

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You ever have those times where you are craving just one type of food?  And that is the only thing that sounds good?  You must have it.  Well, the other day, that’s exactly how I felt about a video – this video.


I honestly haven’t seen this vid since the 80s.  And let me tell you, it’s got it all.  Eddie Murphy singing, synth clap loop, an Eddie Murphy “handler” that looks like Jay Leno, the guitarist from Poison, some guy dancing like he’s rolling in the production booth.. and Rick motha-f’ing James all coked up and hoppin’ around the studio.  Just sheer awesome.  I hope this makes your day like it did mine.  Next on my list, “Put Your Mouth on Me”!

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To many, “Bollywood” movies are synonymous with outrageous, unrealistic musical numbers shot on poor-quality film.  But that’s a bit unfair.  As the video “Right Here Right Now” shows us, India is fully capable of matching America step-for-step in production of outrageous, unrealistic musical numbers shot on high-quality film.. a.k.a the hip-hop video.  Oh, and stealing song titles from Jesus Jones.

I sooo want those four-finger rings.

A little background on this vid – this is a song sung by the costars from the movie, Bluffmaster, starring Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra.  My friend Gaurav (who sends us this gem) may have to correct me on this, but I believe he said Bachchan is India’s most famous actor, while Chopra was Miss World in 2000.  Bollywood’s brightest!  The vid does a nice job of poking a little fun at the ridiculousness of the stereotypical American rap video.

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I think you will agree with me that it is appropriate at any time of year to extoll the virtues of Chris Christmas Rodriguez.  He wants your vote for Santa this year!

The jacket-over-the-shoulders-pimp-strut, the bad-ass 70s music, and his karate kick are the new Christmas Holy Trinity in my book.

Chris Christmas Rodriguez: Aftershave

Chris Christmas Rodriguez: The Truth

Chris Christmas Rodriguez: Just a Man

Chris Christmas Rodriguez: X-mas Tree

Chris Christmas Rodriguez: The Man

Chris Christmas Rodriguez: Kick

(Originally Posted 11/11/04)

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This is what The Darkness should have been had they decided to be purposely laughable.. instead of unintentionally so as they currently are.  Karkis puts much needed terror and fire into our Christmas season this year.  Oh, and reveals the secret identity of Secret Santa!  YELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to FushigiDenki for the link!

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