Your Good Twin

Speaking of flashbacks….

When taking a job driving a forklift in Germany, there are a few important safety tips to know before you get behind the wheel.  Come along and let’s see what lessons Klaus must learn!

I don’t know if this video is for real or for fun, but it definitely takes a turn that sends it off a cliff.  I’d say the director is a big old school Sam Raimi fan.

originally posted 1.5.05. If you need a little more safety fun, you should check out these Indian Safety Manuals, or the awesome Japanese Wii Safety guide.

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Alpha’s recent posting of that The Knife video reminded me of another video from the group.  ”You Take My Breath Away“ is a stylish ode to the weirdest of 80’s new wave complete with plenty of glistening face paint and loads of nonchalant dancing.  And gracious, isn’t that Jenny Wilson along for the ride?  Revel in reds (and enjoy a damn good song to boot).

alphamonkey sez: Indeed, The Knife is one of those groups that other musicians wish they were in, as evidenced by how often The Knife’s individual members show up on other artist’s work.  I adore this clip as well, and not just because of them awesome Jenny Wilson quotient. 

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