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Funny or Dies shares former VP hopeful Sarah Palin’s resume which lists her skills for the open co-host slot on The View.



I know using Sesame Street to teach a lesson to Republicans is like trying to use Turkish to order in a Mexican restaurant, but here’s a lesson the rest of us (who weren’t raised to want to murder Big Bird in his sleep) learned as children. One of these is a compromise. One of these is not. Your lesson today was brought to you by the letters O, B, A, M, C, R, E, and the support of viewers like you.


There’s a new trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation which, despite recasting almost all of the roles from the previous film, continues the storyline of Cobra taking control of the White House and U.S. Military. Dwayne “It’s Okay To Call Me The Rock Again” Johnson, Channing TatumBruce WillisRay StevensonAdrianne PalickiRay ParkArnold Vosloo, and Byung-hun Lee star. Originally planned to hit theaters this past summer, the film will finally open on March 29th.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Movie Official Trailer


Despite all evidence to the contrary this is not spoof, parody, skit, or sketch. Ladies and gentlemen I offer you this special look into the life of Bob Larson who travels country to perform private exorcisms like the one in this video in which he relieves a tortured soul of the gay sex demon who has possessed him for years. (Yeah, you read that correctly.) The man is also organizing an “International School of Exorcism,” to train the next generation on his unique skill set. Seriously, WTF?

Man Possessed by Gay Demon (Original)

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Here’s what happens when you edit the end of a Pixar film as part of an elaborate practical joke on your mother and then document her reaction. Thanks to our pal Eric for the heads up!

toy story 3 prank


Any takers?


So, for those who haven’t heard, Clint Eastwood showed up as one of the speakers of last night’s Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida. Eastwood went on with an 11-minute unscripted speech where he had a conversation with an invisible Barack Obama which came off to those who watched more like Grandpa Simpson forgot his Alzheimer’s medicine than an actual bit. In case you missed it you can find the full video inside along with a humorously edited Wikipedia article for the actor putting the speech in proper perspective.

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What’s better than tennis? The Slow Mo Guys have a suggestion – How about tennis on FIRE! We’re posting this for a fanatical tennis pal Robert hoping that he doesn’t try to do this at home.

Fire Tennis – The Slow Mo Guys


Sorry to start your week with such a downer, but this had to be shared. Excuse me for a minute as I have to go vomit and find a Republican to punch in the dick.

Sh*t Homophobic People Say


TMZ has acquired footage of a drunken beatdown of Transformers and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull star Shia LaBeouf at the hands of one individual whose hatred of those films boiled over after news of yet another Transformers travesty could be on the way.*

Shia LaBeouf Fight — Pummeled to the Ground on Vancouver Sidewalk

*Okay, it’s possible the fight might have been about something else, but I’m just going to assume it’s Michael Bay’s Transformers related (almost everything awful is).