So what the #@$! happened to Transbuddha, anyway? *UPDATE*


UPDATE: As some of you have discovered, ‘‘ is now redirecting to dadsbigplan. What that means is that yes, I am in full possession of the name. Where do we go from here? Well, my basic plan remains unchanged. We will get Transbuddha’s archives up and online for your historical pleasure, but dadsbigplan will be the banner under which we put this fantastic collection of tubes to the flames of awesome.

Let me clarify a point: I stand by everything I said below, good and bad. But I do want to emphasize this: Transbuddha was not built upon my labors alone. Jae Cha, Justin Strelow, Stuart Wallace (of the soon-to-be-revived, and Phil Plante were just as instrumental in the creation and development of the site as much as myself or anyone listed below, and I will forever be thankful and grateful for the collective efforts that allowed such a beast to lumber on for as long as it did. As a wiser man than I once said “All things must pass”, so it’s with no regrets we move forward into this new phase of existence, and we’re happy to have such a passionate and enthusiastic community to get there with us.


– Aaron / alphamonkey

Long story short: Fuck you, Jae Cha. Transbuddha is dead, long live DADSBIGPLAN.

Short Story Long:

Well, it’s like this… 7 years ago I (being Aaron Weber aka .alphamonkey.) started contributing to a test-drive of blog platforms that went under the name “Transmuto“. Over time it grew enough enough to warrant a dedicated site (and a name change for legal reasons*), and thus Transbuddha, every pixel lovingly hand-crafted and built by myself, was born. The original contributors to the blogs came and went, and new authors (like ShadowStalker, mrcookieface, Scarlet Harlot, Heretique, Thundarr, and others) would step up and kick ‘Buddha’s ass a few more steps down the road.

Let’s skip all the self-congratulatory bullshit about page rankings, readership, and Technorati rankings and get to the point: 4 years of putting in 40 hours a week on Transbuddha effectively kicked my soul’s ass, and I’ll admit I started slacking after my Terror Twins(tm) entered the fray. Thundarr (known nowadays as Cap’n Carrot) returned to Transbuddha from the sadly shuttered RazorFine Review, and filled in the gaps with a ton of good content (except all that Condorman, crap. I mean, seriously?), and yeah…Transbuddha limped along, a diminished but persistent presence.

So again: What happened? Well, effectively this: The hosting account underwhich Transbuddha was situated went bye-bye. And not in a good, planned way. I don’t have any desire to air all manner of idiotic business dealings (both my own and others), but here’s the gist: Transbuddha generated some 30-40K in ad revenue over the last few years from Federated “We don’t answer e-mails/phone calls for ANYONE” Media, but Cap’n and myself haven’t seen a dime of it. I had a contract that gave me majority ownership of Transbuddha, but it expired ages ago. We had some inkling that our hosting account would go away, and we backed up the site in January in anticipation.

What I didn’t anticipate would be that, at the end of 7 years, I still wouldn’t have possession of “” as a domain name. I’ve been offered a veritable fuck-ton of excuses in the last month as to why it can’t be done (ranging from winners like “I’m locked out of my domain registrar’s account” to even bigger winners like “I don’t have a computer right now”), so I’ve just given up on getting possession of the name. I’d decided that even if the name was put in my hands, it was time to set that past aside and move on with a new name (even though “dadsbigplan” pre-dates Transbuddha by almost 5 years), and a renewed dedication. Transbuddha meant the world to me for a long time, but dadsbigplan represents something both wholly mine and wholly disconnected.

Okay, okay, so I took my sweet time getting this burgeonging monster up and running, but I promise you this: The Cap’n, myself, and whomever else decides to hop on board this great ‘net coaster are here to stay. We’ll do our damnedest to find cool links, sweet videos, and make dick jokes in an effort to keep you (and ourselves) entertained. Trust us. We have a plan.

  • jester1345

    coolness well thats your right to do whatever you want with transbuddha and i’ll tell you know i’ev been missing dads for awhile now and was wishing it came back coolness dude when you have the time here something for the site shes a local singer in MA that just got the right to cover dope show Myarlin Mansons song I think you should check it out you like her very sexy sounding and very sexy herself

  • jester1345

    sorry for th multipost my mouse got stuck lol

  • phil

    that sucks the domain is gone. a fresh start is probably not all that bad of a thing. can set a new direction and do whatever you see fit now.

  • CoosCoos

    That is horrendous. Glad to see you landed on your feet. You’re part of my daily routine, and so from a very selfish standpoint I’m glad you’re back. :)

    Funny thing is, I found this site by googling “what the #@$! happened to transbuddha?”.

    • .alphamonkey.

      Hoorah for intuitive post naming!

      And thank you, it’s good to be back.

  • Warren G

    Regardless of what your website is called, I’m glad you’re back on the cyber waves! (like radio waves, but more…cyber-y)

    • .alphamonkey.

      Thank you, and thanks for the patience.

      Personally I prefer waves of cybertronic aether carrying pandas and funnies through the friscalating light fantastique!

      But I’ve been accused of being rather old fashioned in some respects.

  • haus

    Very glad you are back! Them intar-webs aren’t the same without you.

    • .alphamonkey.

      Thank you kindly. We noticed that too. They were oddly cleaner…

  • norm

    Jeeeze. I go out to sea for a couple months and EVERYTHING goes to heck.

    Let me know if you need me to go all Klingon on the Federation (Media).

  • phantasam

    Welcome back! i can now smile again. I was lost but now i can find my way out of the darkness.

  • Colonel Dashing

    Glad to see you guys back! You had me worried there for a while.

  • Joe

    Glad you’re back and posting!

  • FestusMA

    Very glad you’re back… and very happy the Cap’n Carrot is with you. You’ve both become a part of my daily routine. (Thanks for that.)

    • Cap’n Carrot

      Wait, what? I have a fan? SWEET!!!

  • Heftyjake

    Awesome. Thanks for the redirect. Now I know, and knowing is…….something, something.

    Best of luck. I’ll check in twice a week as always.

  • Smuks

    The King is dead. Long live the King.

  • http://none MDoubet

    Guys I just got to tell you that that is the corporate way and thats screw the little guy, but I will not go into that rant. I really hope all goes well and this site is your own and you don’t have anymore problems. One huge fan and you guys keep it going.

    • .alphamonkey.

      We shall do our damnedest. Thanks for sticking through it with us.

  • MacDKnife

    Glad you’re back. Good job on letting go of Transbuddha. I know it must have been hard but attachments should never be clung to.
    “Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed that is.”

  • Just Plain Bob

    well damn.

    • ShadowStalker

      Whoa. It’s like the gang’s getting back together.

      • .alphamonkey.

        Next up: THE BIG HEIST.

        • JustPlainBob

          I’m still waiting for that heist.

  • BAD

    Wait…. What? Did I miss something? I thought this was always Dad’s Big Plan. Right? >_>

  • Shawn

    THIS is the best news I have seen in months! Transbuddha . . er . . ah . . . I mean Dad’sBigPlan is BACK!!!!!

    YES! =)

    . . and Aaron
    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you