tropic thinder tivoThe movie industry is always looking for help when it comes to financing motion pictures, especially the really big, expensive kind. Companies who lay down lots of cold, hard cash are molding products, logos, and slogans into the very building blocks of our entertainment, often without audiences even realizing it. The new trend, of course, is to mock product placement even as you feature the product: “30 Rock,” I’m looking at you!

Today’s Top 10 look at product placement comes from Elliot Kort and Abby Olcese, the Two Awesome Movie Nerds from Lawrence, KS. Check out their own personal list of favorite Top 10 Product Placements in Movies here. Also, be sure and leave them some comments because there are a metric crap-ton of other prominently featured products in movies these days. Let’s hear what you have to say, too! If you have a Top 10 list of your own, email me at

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