mottola.jpgAt least some of the versions of “Adventureland” that are currently in playing in theaters are not the cut that director Greg Mottola thought were out there.

Apparently, INXS’s “Don’t Change” is supposed to be on all versions of the film during the closing credits. It’s not. In an exchange earlier this morning that just goes to show the power of Twitter, Mottola called this news “really disturbing.” I saw the movie twice and the second time, it had a mellow Yo La Tengo theme, and it just wasn’t the same. Where do you live and which version did you see?

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adventureland-capIf you’ve seen the trailer and commercials for Adventureland you may very well walk in expecting something like Superbad. Although the film contains some similar humor there’s so much more worth savoring including great moments, both large and small, and the type of love story women will enjoy and guys won’t need to be shackled to the seat to watch. After a single viewing I’m not prepared to call Adventureland a great film, but it is a damn good movie with a little something for everyone.

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