aerobics was never this much fun

Being the spiritual advisor for Transbuddha, I try to maintain a certain purity, as any long-time readers can attest to. {ahem} What!  No, really!But then along comes this video.

I’m sorry, I generally don’t post masturbatory aids – there are plenty of sites doing that.  But I just love this video too much not to share it with the world.  This video is my new conception of Heaven.

<aside to God>God, if you are indeed all-knowing, then you know where I’m going with this – I know heaven is supposed to be spiritual lovey-doveyness, Cosmic Oneness, Beings of Light and all that.  To hell with being a Being of Light! O YHWH let my good deeds on Earth be rewarded by an eternity spent in the aerobics room of this video (minus the guy, please).</aside>

This is the hottest assemblage of women I’ve ever seen.  I watched it probably 8 times the first day.  I will apologize right now to all women reading this – I’m being shallow.  I don’t care.  And here’s a news flash – all guys think this way.  Yep.  We’re shallow – some are just hiding it better than others.  Consider me a beacon of truth.  We are all wired this way – it is millions of years of evolution that has brought us to the point where I am sitting at my desk, stunned, powerless at the mercy of a group of gorgeous women in 80s style aerobics gear doing dirty, dirty things.  God be praised! Forever and ever.  Amen.

Men, Lesbians.  Your moment of Zen.

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