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Bradley Cooper stops by The Tonight Show to air guitar some Neil Young offering us another excuse to use the phrase Mean Melin is no Bradley Cooper. Thanks to Jessica for the heads up.

Air Guitar with Bradley Cooper

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Our pal Mean Melin decided to do an impromptu flash mob with a few friends to promote the upcoming Kansas City Air Guitar Championships . Of course they probably weren’t planning to have their spot taken over by Westboro Baptist Church protesters who must have something against Van Halen, Air Guitar, or (more likely) both.

God Hates Air Guitar Fags: Westboro Baptist Church Protest

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Happy Feet Two

by mr sparkle on November 18, 2011

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Five years ago, Happy Feet opened, and I didn’t know what to think. What looked like a little kiddie musical ended up being, well, a kiddie musical, but not one that could ever be described as small. For a movie about an outcast (Mumble, voiced by Elijah Wood) growing up and finding his voice, Happy Feet escaped the droll, played-out tropes that its recycled premise imply. Instead, it had all the weight of a World changing for the worse, which only worked to add a supremely weird but successful sense of humor.

That director George Miller would attempt to strike gold twice seemed like a gamble; but though Happy Feet Two doesn’t live up to its predecessor, it does take another unimaginative story and builds it up into a massive film with fantastic moments.

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mean melin minneapolis 2010I’ve had a lot of people ask me for an official Mean Melin T-shirt and I’ve finally figured out a way to make it happen. After spending five days on the U.S. Air Guitar 2010 tour, I racked up five straight second-round appearances and zero first-place finishes. May 28 in Las Vegas, however, will be my last chance to qualify for the USAG Nationals, which are July 22 in NYC.

mean melin t-shirtYou can get a certified Mean Melin T-shirt and I can raise enough money to get to Vegas! Each $20 donation to the Mean Melin USAG 2010 fund gets you a preorder of one Mean Melin tee. Please specify the size you want (Youth Large, S, M, L, XL) and the shirts will ship when I get home from Vegas (the first week in June).

Any money you donate beyond that is cool too, but if you donate $40, you’ll get two T-shirts, $60 is three, and so on. (By the way, all shirts are 100% Cotton, black, and have sleeves. If you want to cut ’em off like me, you’re more than welcome!) Fill out your mailing address and everything through PayPal. Please specify your T-shirt size in the ‘message’ line!

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