by Cap'n Carrot on June 8, 2012

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If all you want out of Prometheus is a great looking sci-fi adventure that asks big questions about the history of life on Earth (without the slightest interest in answering them), has a couple of disturbing Alien sequences the series is known for, and shows us where Aliens come from, well this movie was made just for you. If you wanted something more than the bare minimum, like an engaging story that doesn’t feel the need to talk down to its audience every step of the way, well, then this probably isn’t the summer flick you’ve been hoping for. But, hey, at least it’s better than Alien 3.

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predator 2 1990 titleToday’s Top 10 Tuesday submission comes from Seattle WA. Warren J. Cantrell is a writer who enjoys two things: being hardcore and “Predator 2.” Warren’s impassioned, uncensored Top 10 list makes him the first Scene-Stealers sitegoer to write a Top 10 list about ONE MOVIE, and an 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger-less sequel at that. This Top 10 is also notable for its creation of the past-tense word “wad-shot.” Here’s Warren with the Top 10 Reasons “Predator 2” Is the Best of the “Predator” Franchise.

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