barack obama

“Last night was a very, very big night.” Watch.


With President Barack Obama reelected and back in office for another four years, The Onion takes a look at the early front runner for the Republican nominee for the Presidential race of 2016: a Shrieking White-Hot Sphere Of Pure Rage.

Well, it certainly has more charisma an innate humanity than either Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan.


Yeah, this is a problem:

Make sure you double-check your ballot as some machines seem to be programmed to cast a vote for Mitt Romney no matter who you vote for. I’m not saying Republicans are trying to rig the election, but unless the machines have become sentient and are hoping force into office the first robotic President of the United States, Mitt Romney, then something is amiss.


Following Mitt Romney’s recent remarks about pulling funding for PBS, the Obama campaign put out this commercial that’s so good it’s almost impossible to believe it didn’t come from The Onion. Well done.

Big Bird – Obama for America TV Ad


Conan O’Brien gives us Mitt Romney‘s new attack ad on President Obama, a man who does not exist.

Mitt Romney Ad: Barack Obama Doesn’t Exist – CONAN on TBS


The 44th President of the United States has earned his own action figure, and a badass one at that. I mean who wouldn’t want their own Obama armed with a gun, samurai sword, or even lightsaber? Very cool. You can find more Presidential awesomeness after the jump.

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