barbara gordon

With DC Comics reboot of their entire universe with 52 new first issues looming ever closer I continue to take a look at what I would do if I rebooted the DCU.

Where I could I kept ideas DC wanted to explore in the relaunch (when not incredibly stupid like Voodoo), and even included titles I’m personally not all that high on but characters I know have a devoted fan base. You’ll find I’ve also kept far more of the current titles than DC’s proposed reboot, and brought back a few personal favorites as well.

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Gail Simone and the Birds of Prey return with a brand spanking new series. Although the issue sets up the first big arc and a threat big enough to get the band back together, it’s the little moments I liked best: Oracle thinking about Bruce Wayne’s big heart, Black Canary and Huntress trying not to cry, and Dinah’s inner-monologue in the comic’s opening scene. I’m still a bit unsure about the inclusion of Hawk and Dove, but I’m willing to give them a chance. And where’s Misfit? I’ve already said this about one comic today, but I’ll say it again, I missed this book and I’m glad it’s back. Definitely worth a look.

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