I don’t know what you guys are doing reading all those phoney top ten lists over there, what with their overpraise of films in which women shit in bathroom sinks.

A shame, that – after all, this, mine, is the authoritative tome that Scholars will look back on and shower with statuses of validity upon as the definitive list. “Yeah, you know what, The Artist wasn’t a lot more than a nice movie, Sparkle was totally right,” they’ll say a thousand years from now. And I shall smile down on them from Future Heaven, which is just like regular Heaven but with astronaut food, hover boards, and a hilarious robot that is actually pretty good at Stand-Up.

Anyway, here are the ten best motion pictures of the year:

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king kong 1933 posterRyan Klima has joined the esteemed list of many Scene-Stealers readers before him. He proved his mettle as an obsessed movie fan by contributing his own Top 10 list! From a giant shark to a giant ape, his list of the Top 10 Most Iconic Movie Posters is right here. To send me your list, email Speaking of cool Scene-Stealers contributors …

… also up today is George Hickman‘s Day 5 report from Fantastic Fest 2009. He’s got the early scoop on some of the scariest movies for Halloween this year. One is out now in sort sort of secret Amazon alliance and another comes out on DVD/Blu-ray today. Make sure and read all about “House of the Devil,” “[REC] 2,” and “Trick ‘R Treat” right here.


gary buseyGary Busey is more than a man, more than a mere actor—he’s a gale force wind that sweeps everything in his path up in his own insanity. The 10 films selected by frequent Scene-Stealers contributor Warren J. Cantrell may not be classics in the realm of cinematic greatness, but each possesses its own loopy charm brought on in no small part by the addition of one Gary Busey to the cast.

If you’d like to contribute your own Top 10, email me at For now, however, it may impossible not to be swept up by Warren’s rambling and right-on list of Top 10 Gary Busey Performances. Enjoy!


top 10 movie rain scenesUsually around this time of year we’d be doing something like J.D.’s Top 10 “Crazy From the Heat” Movies. However, in New York City, where Scene-Stealers sitegoer Sean O’Connell is from, there has been a ton of rain this summer. Lucky for us, that spurred an entire Top 10 list of famous rain scenes from him.

Rain is usually used to symbolize a rebirth or baptism of some sort by the character involved, but sometimes it’s just used as a gloomy or scary mood-setter. Whatever the device, Sean has compiled his list of Top 10 Movie Rain Scenes for you to enjoy and add to. I already know I need to add John Goodman and William Forsythe in “Raising Arizona” to the list!


billy idol wedding singerThey say all actors want to be rock stars and vice versa. There are a select few who are able to do both, but for the most part, we don’t want musicians in our movies and we don’t want our movie stars on our stages. That’s why the rock star cameo is a fun and harmless little way for our favorite rockers to appear for a short time (sometimes as themselves) and disappear before they can do any real harm to the movie. Many times, the rock star cameo sounds way cooler on paper (Keith Richards as Jack Sparrow’s daddy “Pirate,” for example) or just plain fizzles out (Neil Diamond in “Saving Silverman”).

This list is proof that there is a way, however, to have rock star cameos that actually … well … rock. I know I missed some, so please leave comments below! If you have an idea for a Top 10, email me at Click here to see the Top 10 Rock Star Movie Cameos.


tropic thinder tivoThe movie industry is always looking for help when it comes to financing motion pictures, especially the really big, expensive kind. Companies who lay down lots of cold, hard cash are molding products, logos, and slogans into the very building blocks of our entertainment, often without audiences even realizing it. The new trend, of course, is to mock product placement even as you feature the product: “30 Rock,” I’m looking at you!

Today’s Top 10 look at product placement comes from Elliot Kort and Abby Olcese, the Two Awesome Movie Nerds from Lawrence, KS. Check out their own personal list of favorite Top 10 Product Placements in Movies here. Also, be sure and leave them some comments because there are a metric crap-ton of other prominently featured products in movies these days. Let’s hear what you have to say, too! If you have a Top 10 list of your own, email me at


This may be the worst Top 10 I’ve written. Not in the way it was written or the lack of research, of course–on the contrary, I did a lot of research to try and track down the most fourth films in a series I could find. It was a little experiment to see what the percentage of good/bad is among fourth movies in a franchise to kind of gauge what we’re in for this weekend as fourth franchise film “Terminator Salvation” opens in theaters.

Guess what? They’re not so good. I could have made a Top 10 list of the worst in a franchise, but that would have been too easy to list, and it numbered around 50. It was much more challenging to come up with ones that didn’t suck too bad. Anyway, enjoy it if you dare: The Top 10 Best Fourth Movies in a Franchise.


predator 2 1990 titleToday’s Top 10 Tuesday submission comes from Seattle WA. Warren J. Cantrell is a writer who enjoys two things: being hardcore and “Predator 2.” Warren’s impassioned, uncensored Top 10 list makes him the first Scene-Stealers sitegoer to write a Top 10 list about ONE MOVIE, and an 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger-less sequel at that. This Top 10 is also notable for its creation of the past-tense word “wad-shot.” Here’s Warren with the Top 10 Reasons “Predator 2” Is the Best of the “Predator” Franchise.

If you have a Top 10 list you’d like to submit fro Top 10 Tuesday, send it to


stifler's momOur good friend Andrew Reed, a frequent contributor who runs the excellent Fighting the Youth blog and currently resides in Argentina, has a thing for MILFS. Or at least he was excited enough about them to compile the definitive list (minus last year’s “The Reader”) of Top 10 Movie Cougars.
Urbandictionary defines cougar as “a 35+ year old female who is on the hunt for a much younger male.” Some would say that any definition requires use of the word “pounce.” But whatever your take on the definition, let’s take a moment to celebrate the women who teach more than they tease–the Top 10 Movie Cougars.

If you have a Top 10 list you’d like to contribute to Scene-Stealers, drop me a note at and let me know!


dukesOur Top 10 list today comes from Sean O’Connell, a frequent sitegoer who lives in Rockaway, New York City. No doubt inspired by the instant Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly classic “Step Brothers,” Sean takes a look at some of the best brother teams in movie. (Actually, he didn’t mention that at all, but I usually like to mention what inspired these lists and I forgot to ask him, so I just made it up.) Check out his list of Top 10 Movie Brothers and maybe Sean will leave a comment and tell everyone if there was an actual inspiration for his list. Enjoy!

If you have a Top 10 list you’d like to contribute, email me at