by mr sparkle on May 13, 2011

in Film

You don’t have to look much further than my poetically written Summer Movie Preview to see that Bridesmaids, a comedy following the hijinks of an engaged woman and her Bridal Party as they prepare for the happiest day of one her life, has been designated a referendum on whether or not Chick Flicks can suck. Of course, Chick Flicks can potentially kick just as much ass as anything else out there, but with the awful aftertaste of Sex and the City 2 still stanking up the category a year later, it’s inexplicably rare for them to work.

But Bridesmaids works not only as a Chick Flick, but as a comedy in general that, even though it may follow women during a stereotypically feminine event, fails to seem any more appropriate for chicks than dudes.

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