Broken Spine Syndrom

I rant about this panel quite a bit in this week’s Four Color Freak-Out, so I thought I’d provide a little context. First a preface: I actually *enjoy* this title month-to-month. So I’m not bashing the title, the writer, or even the artist (who does a perfectly serviceable job for 99.9% of this comic). That said:

Below is a panel from this week’s Generation Hope #15, as drawn by Tim Green II. Are we, the intrepid readers, to assume that Danger has in fact thrown Psylocke at Sebastian Shaw, and Ms. Braddock’s contortions are a cat-like attempt to land on her feet? Or has everyone’s favorite Anglo-Asian Ninja Mash-up come down with a crippling case of Boneitis in mid-jump?

From the Rob Liefeld school of Physiology

What the hell is going on here?

I mean, there’s broken spine and then there’s this…uh, pose.

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