NBC may have canceled Heroes but they’ve got a new hero drama ready for the Fall – The Cape, and OMG does it look ridiculous. The basic premise, at least what I can gleam from this teaser, is roughly this [feel free to giggle]: A cop (David Lyons), framed for a crime he didn’t commit, now believed to be dead, is trained to be a hero by Carnies, and takes on the alter-ego of his son’s (Ryan Wynott) favorite comic book hero to bring justice back to the world. Oh, and it’s got Summer Glau because…she’s hot.

The Cape

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This is pop star Kesha with her video for “Your Love Is My Drug,” and if you can make it through the 3:30 without laughing your ass off then you’re a stronger man than me.

Kesha – “Your Love Is My Drug”

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