bergin sleeping with the enemyWhile taking the subway to work into Manhattan, Sean O’Connell sees a familiar scene. He has to endure the same guy being a jerk-off to his wife every morning. So he channeled his rage into one helluva Top 10 list for us here at Scene-Stealers.

Sean has compiled some of the worst husbands in movie history and boy, there are some real doozies. Can you say “over the top”? Coinciding with that notion, two of the performances were actually Oscar nominated. Click here to see the Top 10 Worst Movie Husbands.

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gary buseyGary Busey is more than a man, more than a mere actor—he’s a gale force wind that sweeps everything in his path up in his own insanity. The 10 films selected by frequent Scene-Stealers contributor Warren J. Cantrell may not be classics in the realm of cinematic greatness, but each possesses its own loopy charm brought on in no small part by the addition of one Gary Busey to the cast.

If you’d like to contribute your own Top 10, email me at For now, however, it may impossible not to be swept up by Warren’s rambling and right-on list of Top 10 Gary Busey Performances. Enjoy!

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