Toy Story 3

by mr sparkle on June 18, 2010

in Film

It’s old news that Pixar is able to take their family friendly characters – adorable bugs, monsters and robots – and endow them with real depth and emotionality.  They can do this better than just about anyone else in the business, whether working with actual live people or no.

Still, there’s a scene towards the end of Toy Story 3 that came out of nowhere and shook me to the bone.  They push these characters, these plastic and plush toys, into a place that make you feel heartbreak and compassion, while evoking existential questions of what comes at the end, and can we really move on?  It’s powerful, it’s absurdly powerful.  And, let’s just say I was happy to have a pair of dark 3D glasses to hide my eyes behind while it all happened.

I’d tell you that you’ll know this scene when you see it, but the truth is I just described at least two different sequences in Toy Story 3.  And even when the movie isn’t playing with your heart like an old piece of silly putty, it’s doing everything that it can to make you edge to the tip of your seat, laugh, and feel like a kid again.

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