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Because absolutely no one demanded it, we’re proud to announce the very first episode of Four Color Freak-Out!, the official dadsbigplan comics (and kinda whatever) podcast, starring our own Cap’n Carrot, myself, and Yellow creator Bobby Bierley. As this was our first go round, there’s not a whole lot o’ structure there, but if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped between three nerds talking about comics, movies, and unfortunate personal choices, then Four Color Freak-Out! is just for you!

We had a lot of fun recording this, and we’re looking forward to keeping this going. In fact, give us a listen and feel free to take us to task via voicemail at (816) 343-8886! We’ll be including the best messages into the next podcast, even if they make Cap’n cry.

Give it a listen already!

Download for iTunes or Download as an MP3

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