Damn you Microsoft! Slightly NSFW.

Funny Videos – Microsoft Office XP (Banned Too Sexy)


Funny, this never happened to me at college. Mmm, I think I need a Coke.

Coca-Cola “Happiness Machine”


Even if NBC seems to be doing its damndest to make sure no one ever watches their network again (‘cept for the inherent awesomeness of Chuck, of course) the USA Network (which is owned by NBC Universal) seems to be going strong.

Psych returns tonight to round out a schedule which already includes new episodes of White Collar and Burn Notice. To help you get Psych-ed (sorry, couldn’t resist) here’s the “Private Eyes” commercial featuring the cast of the show.

Private Eyes Psych Commercial


Tryptophantasia is “a psychotropic event that brings to you some of the best, cream of the crop, underground, psychedelic animations the universe has yet to offer.. 24-28 short films will be screened for two hours varying in style, quality, and nature… and ranging from paradigm shifting animations to mystical videos, tripadelic motion graphics, mind warping experiments, occult surrealism, and lots more.” The promo below was made for February event in New York.

Tryptophantasia Animation Screenings Promo


The Necky

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Stay warm and look like a doofus at the same time! What a revolutionary invention, I mean it’s just so… oh, wait, it’s a just a dickey. Never mind.

The Necky


I like this new Miller Lite ad for two reasons: 1) It lampoons the ridiculous “what if” questions women love to ask to test their significant others, and 2) It stars the lovely Rachel Specter who first caught our attention in those RGX Body Spray ads a couple of years back.

Rachel Specter – Buster Miller Lite Commercial


Hey you lazy Internet thieves! Yeah, that’s right. They’re talking to us… you.

Illegal Downloading PSA


Thank you Grand Theft Auto. Rarely have I ever seen anime so aptly summarized as it is here.
(Warning: A tinsy bit NSFW)

The Ballad of Gay Tony – Princess Robot Bubblegum


Some early footage has leaked from the next entry of Michael Bay’s Transformer franchise. It’s about what you’d expect:

Transformers 3 Sneak Peak!


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TNA, Total Nonstop Wrestling (and not Tits ‘n Ass Wrestlin’, as I had always assumed), is all aflutter with the news they’ve signed a senior citizen to perform for their flagging company. Hulk Hogan, now age 56, is coming out of retirement to let Hulkamania run wild one more time. Can the Iron Sheik and Rowdy Roddy Piper be far behind?

Hulk Hogan Joins TNA Wrestling