Oh it’s real, and by definition, as it involves Condorman, must be spectacular. Check out the Intrada Special Collection release of Condorman‘s complete score composed by Henry Mancini now available for $20.

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I’m pretty sure we shared this with you back in our ‘buddha days but since we haven’t yet had the time to go through all those old posts I decided to share it again. Throw a little Adam West Batman, replace Superboy with Lois & Clark‘s Superman, get rid of Night Man with and you’ve got yourself a show I’d gladly sit down and watch once a week (okay, probably more than once a week).

Superfriends: High Camp

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conorman1There are movies which live in my childhood. Viewing them years later, no matter the length of time which may have passed, I’m instantly transported back in time to that darkened theater, fond memories, and childhood wonderment.

Condorman, based on the James Bond spoof by Robert Sheckley, is one of those films. From the Pink Panther-style opening featuring the rousing score of Henry Mancini to the final unheard whispered line at a crowded Dodger game (and everything in-between), I’m hooked. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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