AC Custom Figures

by Cap'n Carrot on January 18, 2012

in Toys and Gizmos

AC Custom Figures has a nice collection of custom action figures including John Constantine, Deadpool (in his Uncanny X-Force look), and not one but two versions of the Red Hood. It appears they also accept commissions for custom figures. Hmmm… maybe I can finally get the Captain Carrot figure I always wanted. See the full gallery here.

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Before you ask, no I don’t care how big of a nerd it makes me for wanting these very cool custom JLU figures reborn as The Secret Six including Bane, Deadshot, Ragdoll, Jeanette, and Catman. Need I say it? WANT!!!

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I take that back, she’ looks freakin’ great! Take a gander at this custom designed, and now fully operational, Millennium Falcon electric guitar built by Travis S. Well done, sir.

[via Urlesque]

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