dance madness

Okay, we all know most movies made from video games make Uwe Boll’s filmography look Oscar-worthy by comparison, but what if I tell you there’s a new film that incorporates the secret world of underground Dance Dance Revolution battles with the look of The Warriors? Oh it’s real, and it’s spectacular. Written and directed by Crank: High Voltage‘s cinematogrpaher Brandon Trost and his brother Jason Trost (who also stars) The FP will be distributed by Drafthouse Films early next year. Take a look at the trailer. Slightly NSFW due to a quick flash of nudity.

[via Film Drunk]


As you might imagine, Captain America has got dadsbigplan HQ in a pretty dang good mood. So go a step further and get our Friday disco madness on with a ridiculously infectious track from LMFAO called (appropriately enough) “Party Rock Anthem”. It’s a fun song on its own merits, but the video completely sold me. Two words: Disco Zombies. Keep your eyes peeled at the 4:55 mark for an utterly jaw dropping move in a video filled with great, great dancin’.