Darwyn Cooke

When DC announced its plans for Before Watchmen, a new mini-series set in the world Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons created more than 25 years ago, but without their input, I was, like many, not too keen on the idea. Of all the titles suggested the only one that piqued a little interest was Minutemen.

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And we get our first look at Anne Hathaway as Christopher Nolan’s Catwoman:

All kidding aside – Are we a little disappointed that Nolan didn’t choose to go with Darwyn Cooke’s very-very doable Catwoman costume? Yeah, we are. Are we a little sad that Hathaway is sporting long hair? Yeah, I guess we are.

However I’m forced to remind myself that my first reaction to a Thor or Captain America still was “oh, crap”, and those costumes ended up looking fantastic on the screen. So here’s hoping Selina Kyle in motion looks better than a still. Also: We hope Bruce isn’t too mad she totally boosted a Bat-Pod.

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