Sadly, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died yesterday of an apparent heroin overdose in Greenwich Village. Everyone will have their favorite Hoffman performance, but to say goodbye to the man’s terrific 23-year acting career we’ll share this clip from Almost Famous discussing the positives and negatives of being uncool.


You may not know the name Gilbert Taylor but you’ve more than likely sat through one of the cinematographer’s films. In a career that spanned nearly 50 years the director of photography was responsible for shooting one or two lesser known films such as Star Wars and Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. His career also includes The BeatlesA Hard Day’s Night, Roman Polanski‘s Repulsion, and 1980’s Flash Gordon. Taylor passed away at his home on Isle of Wight on August 23 at the age of 99.


You might not know the name Pete Postlethwaite, but chances are you’ve seen him in a variety of roles over the years in films such as The Town, Inception, The Constant Gardner, Romeo + Juliet, In the Name of the Father, Alien 3, Brassed Off, and The Usual Suspects. Postlewaite began his career at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre alongside Bill Nighy, Jonathan Pryce, Antony Sher and Julie Walters, before moving into television and film – where he worked steadily for the next 35 years. Postlewaite earned the respect of many actors and directors over the years including Steven Spielberg who once referred to him as “the best actor in the world.” Reports indicate he died of cancer, but the man did work for Keyser Soze so you never know…

G’night Pete Postlethwaite


Writer/director/producer Blake Edwards died from complications of pneumonia late last night. He was 88. Although his 50+ year career is somewhat spotty, the man did give us the Pink Panther franchise, The Great Race, 10, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Victor Victoria, Days of Wine and Roses, and Peter Gunn. And let’s not forget the man did marry Julie Andrews. (Well played, sir!)

Blake Edwards


Now you can be an even bigger one in death. Ladies and gents, I give you the personally engraved Star Trek Urn for around $800.


Experimental New York rock band Yeasayer has put out a music video for “Madder Red” from their second self-produced album Odd Blood. The video stars Kristen Bell dealing with the passing of one of the most unique pets of all time. Thanks to our pal Eric, understanding my still-unwavering Veronica Mars crush, for sending this our way.


Hey ‘monkey, here’s a fun little children’s book for your girls: All My Friends Are Dead.*

Click through to read

*Because death can be educational and funny.


Alex Chilton, a man whose work in Big Star made me brave enough to play guitar and sing in front of an audience, died today at the age of 59. Maybe I’ll be able to articulate how much this man meant to me tomorrow, but for tonight here’s a live version of “Thirteen” from the recent 2008 reunion tour.

G’night Alex. Sweet heaven above, good night and thank you so very very much for everything you gave me the guts to do.


G'night Olivia

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The various tubes were clogged over the weekend with the unexpected death of Britney Murphy. However, the news that hit us much harder was that Alaina Reed Hall passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. Fans of the NBC sitcom 227 (and who doesn’t love them some Jackée?) will also remember her as Rose Lee Holloway. Her near 30-year career included voice work, movies, and guest spots on several TV-shows including Ally McBeal, News Radio, and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. But, to us, she’ll always be Sesame Street‘s Olivia.


G'night Dan O'Bannon

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We’re saddened to report that motion picture screenwriter, director and actor Dan O’Bannon has passed away at the age of 63. The man wrote Blue Thunder, Alien, Aliens, two segments of Heavy Metal, Return of the Living Dead, Screamers, helped adapt Total Recall for the big screen, and worked on the visual effects for the original Star Wars. He also wrote, starred, and did the special effects for John Carpenter’s original student film which became Dark Star. Without him there would be no Ripley, no Blue Thunder (thus no Airwolf), far fewer “Living Dead” movies, and no three-breasted hookers on Mars. For all that and more, Mr. O’Bannon, we thank you and sadly bid you adieu.

Dark Star – Pinback vs. the alien