count chocula and friends tshirtCount Chocula, Frankenberry & Booberry. All together on one-shirt.

I think this one sells itself.

(And the first whippersnapper who asks “What’s a Count Chocula?” gets punched right in the face.)

You can check out more of Kurt’s retro-style T-shirts here.

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Feeling the need to stylize your boring old laptop? Maybe this Street Fighter decal is exactly what you need.

laptop decals snow white street fighter

I’ve also got to acknowledge the clever use of the Apple logo in this Snow White decal, too. Check out a full list of available decals including LEGO, Batman, and Star Wars, here.

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star wars hot air balloonTell me I’m wrong.

Who wouldn’t want to fly the friendly skies in a Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon?

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The dark side of Ronald McDonald.

ronald mcdonald slapdown

Here’s a lesson this kid should have learned long ago: Whatever you do, don’t ever antagonize a clown. The results aren’t pretty.

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slauerhoffbrugMeet “Slauerhoffbrug.” This bridge (which can be found in the city of Leeuwarden of the Netherlands) is lifted off the road by a giant robotic arm.

Yes, it’s real.

Go ahead, take a moment.

[I know, right?]


Okay, we will gladly admit it’s pretty freakin’ sweet… at least until the day Skynet takes over and goes all smashy smashy on oncoming traffic.

Check out more pics, including overhead shots of the bridge in motion, here.

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redshirt cologneAh, the fragrance of doom. If you’ve ever wanted to smell like a Red Shirt (and if so, please let us know why), now’s your chance with Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne.

“It’s a daring men’s fragrance for those brave enough to place no trust in tomorrow.”

Or, if you’re more of a take charge kinda guy, maybe you want to try Star Trek Tiberius Cologne. (I hear it’s the scent those green-skinned ladies really go for)

As novelty gifts go I must admit these have some charm, but would you actually wear it (other than to a Star Trek Convention)?

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Hope your holiday is as aweome as this Panda

by alphamonkey on December 24, 2009

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We’ve got some new movie reviews for you in just a few scant hours, but until then enjoy this:

panda xmas

Have yourselves a merry Christmas Eve and a great weekend, folks!

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This just in – Pandas, still awesome

by alphamonkey on December 10, 2009

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panda snow

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star wars christmas

That’s how we celebrate Sithmas around here. Powerpig, you just made my day.

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From A to Z, it’s plain to see, you should look, at this book.

indie rock alphabet book

An Indie Rock Alphabet Book

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