doctor dinosaur

While trying to flee the negative publicity caused by someone attempting to discredit Atomic Robo for his role in the events of 8/11, known as the “Hashima Incident,” involving stolen nuclear weapons that temporarily made him the world’s #1 most wanted fugitive, Atomic Robo decides to take a team and check out reported sightings of Cryptids in the jungles of Venezuela suspiciously close to an old Nazi Science city under Kukenan Tepui.

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Volume 4 of Atomic Robo has been less than consistent so far. Issue #1 gave us a kick-ass tale of invading vampires from the fourth dimension, but Issue #2 was little more than a good cure of insomnia. In fact, the second issue of Volume 4 was so bad I almost didn’t bother to even pick this one up. And, oh my, am I glad I did! Issue #3 picks up the pieces and gives us another humorous and energetic tale of the hatred between Atomic Robo and Dr. Dinosaur (the conclusion to the Free Comic Book tale some might remember from 2009). The villain’s plan (involving crystals, Robo’s head in a box, and Betamax) is revealed along with how Doctor Dinosaur got his name. Insanely funny, this one’s definitely worth a look.

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