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Drive Angry

by Cap'n Carrot on June 7, 2011

in Film

drive-angry-blu-rayThe biggest problem with this grindhouse/70’s style car flick from Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier is the almost complete lack of fun. A little humor, maybe a couple of sly winks at the camera, would have helped a story hellbent (so to speak) on trying to be gritty.

Nicolas Cage stars as an escaped soul from Hell who has returned to Earth to kill the leader of a Satanic cult (Billy Burke) who murdered his daughter and plans to sacrifice his granddaughter to bring about Hell on Earth. He’s assisted by a spunky waitress (Amber Heard, the only one here who seems to be enjoying herself) and hunted by an Accountant (William Fichtner) enlisted to return him to Hell.

Here’s what I knew going into Drive Angry: Nicolas Cage is occasionally wildly entertaining when choosing crazy projects like this one, and Amber Heard is really hot.

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You’re just one click away from a short but very humorous Drive Angry/Tobmstone mashup. Oh, you better watch or I’m comin’ for you!

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