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This Week in Unnecessary Censorship – LOST Edition


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Maybe they’re saving all the funny for the movie? You have to give credit to director Jay Roach and his seven writers who took a cast including Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell, Jeff Dunham, and Zach Galifianakis and have managed to squeeze out a trailer for a comedy that includes not one genuinely funny moment. Dinner for Schmucks is scheduled to hit theaters in July.

Dinner for Schmucks trailer

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Hey Scotty…

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…Jesus, man!


spaghetti warehouse

Bring the whole family down to Spaghetti Warehouse, where we’ve got miles and miles of new and used spaghetti, ravioli remnants, and factory direct manicotti offhands to offer you hearty meals at affordable prices!

For the 4 people who will get this joke: Austin is FULL, full I tell you of Timposters and Briangangers. Weird!


Think for a moment back to 1977. In those topsy-turvy days of a collective lost decade, Star Wars shone a purifying light upon the world. And in that bright light, one man saw the need to translate John Williams’ iconic score into a format more digestible to the masses: DISCO. And yea verily, the beauty of Meco’s Galactic Funk was born!

Just as a the power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force, so was our collective resistance to Meco’s mastery of ass-shaking space disco. But if you’re the producer of a French variety show, do you accept that you can’t possibly kick up the awesome any higher? No, sir, you most certainly do not! You slap a couple of hastily thrown together C-3P0 and Darth Vader costumes on your coked up chorus girls, fire up the green screen, and LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF DISCO FUNK WAR!!!!

Speechless, ain’t ya?

Here’s the discussion this nugget prompted around the home fires of Fort Awesome:

Mrs. Monkey: “I can’t decide is this is the worst or the most brilliant choreography of all time”.
Mrs. Monkey: “In 1977 this is sad and pathetic by accident, but if I staged it today it’d be incredible.”
Me: “Yeah….Irony really screwed up our ability to judge things.”


The Necky

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Stay warm and look like a doofus at the same time! What a revolutionary invention, I mean it’s just so… oh, wait, it’s a just a dickey. Never mind.

The Necky


The secret to getting over a bad day?

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Laughing at someone else’s even worse day. Pro Fisherman Bill Dance just can’t catch a break:

T’was a blue Monday ’roundabouts Fort Awesome, but the extra giggle in my coffee seems to be helping.


A couple years back Frank Oz directed a charming little British farce which took place during a funeral. I thoroughly enjoyed Death at a Funeral and felt instant dread when I learned Hollywood wished to remake it.

From what I can gleem from the trailer, the remake seems to lack all the funny of the original, but has extra-large helpings of Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan. Really?? And, might I ask, is making tepid castrated Hollywood versions of foreign comedies really the best use of director Neil LaBute‘s time? God, somebody shoot me. You can find the trailer for the original after the jump.

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