Oh, goodness…it’s 1 hour and 30 minutes of Doctor Who, the week in comics, and of course a tribble ranch of Star Trek Into Darkness! Oh, and a little thing we like to call “the return of Bobby”. We don’t spoil the shit out of Star Trek because mostly we can’t articulate our thoughts particularly well, but there’s all manner of nerdraging and nerd boners.

Get some.

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Once again it’s time to FREAK OUT with Aaron and Alan as they take on the week in comics, the surprisingly fun John Carter, and a little thing called “life”. Listen now for our best of the week and of course whatever it is that’s pissing us off at the moment.

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It’s that time again! Join Aaron, Alan, and Bobby as we mull over the merits (or lackthereof) of Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG, the timeless appeal of Columbo, and of course the week in comics (powered by the majestic of Hamms, the beer refreshing!).

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