I’ve been told by not-always-reliable sources that it is indeed Thursday. What the hell! That’s a good enough reason to hop back to 1979 and get a loving dose of Elvis Costello & the Attractions running through “Oliver’s Army”, one of my all-time favorite tracks from the man in the thick black glasses.


The guys who gave us some great musicals based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career highlights (including Predator: The Musical , Conan the Barbarian: The Musical, Total Recall: The Musical, Terminator 2: The Opera, and Commando: The Musical) are back with something new. Here’s their musical take on John Carpenter’s The Thing.



Over the weekend I caught up with dbp pals The Dead Girls along with Knife Crime and Mark Mallman at the excellent Record Bar. Mark Mallman was an unknown act to this little monkey, but was described by The Dead Girls’ Nick Colby as “the punk rock Randy Newman”, a description that was just dead-on.

Now, if your exposure to Randy Newman consists wholly of Pixar films that probably won’t win you over, but anyone who remembers Newman back when he was the (deservedly) darling of the songwriter set should get a little excited about that.

Here’s the title track from Mark’s most recent LP, “Invincible Criminal”:

And yes, Mallman was this ridiculous(ly awesome) live.

Good stuff, and I heartily recommend picking up his new single “Minneapolis” on iTunes.


We’ve enjoyed these in the past and now it looks like there’s one more to share. First there was Total Recall (the Musical), then Conan the Barbarian: The Musical, next Terminator 2: The Opera, and then Commando: The Musical. And now it’s Predator‘s turn. Enjoy!

Predator: The Musical (The Final Schwarzenegger Musical)


First there was The Mountains of Mars from from Total Recall (the Musical), then came Crom! from Conan the Barbarian (The Musical), and now musical Arnold is back with “Jenny and Me” from Commando: The Musical. Sit back and enjoy the awesome!


Thanks to our pal Eric, I’m belatedly digging Au Revoir Simone as my chillout music of choice at the moment. Seeing as it’s Labor Day and all, how about you relax with us via this oddly staggered video for “Shadows” (which is by far the best track on their album, ‘Still Night, Still Light’):

Alright, so I get that this performance isn’t the most engaging from a visuals point of view, but really…. I didn’t need to feel like I was getting jerked around either.


Cee-Lo Green delivers what may well be the most brutally honest heartbreak song I’ve heard in ages, with the subtly titled “Fuck You” off his upcoming album, The Ladykiller. Don’t let the title throw you; this is straight-up throwback soul with Cee-Lo’s trademark off-kilter honesty.

Yup, you just heard the best song that’ll be butchered on radio this year. It’s about time Cee-Lo really lived up to his potential, and this track makes me damned excited for his October release.


A little classic Jackson 5 mixed with some Nirvana? Sounds kinda fun. Check out this mashup of “Rockin’ Robin” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Smells like Rockin’ Robin


This my friends is Jim Steager performing his original song “Dogs of Glory.” If you can make it more than 10 seconds without bursting into laughter you’re a stronger man than me.

Childrens Video – Dogs of Glory by Jim Steager


Our pal Eric turned me on to Philly popsters Dr. Dog a ways back, and it’s occurred to me that I’ve been remiss in sharing the love you, our dear anonymous Internet pals. From a music video point of view, it’s hard to do this band justice (especially considering the uniformly awful audio quality compared to their studio releases), but the music shines through regardless. Here’s “Hang On” from the 2008 release, Fate.

I can’t possibly overstate how much I’ve been digging their stuff, and it’s fast become my go-to choice for everything from dinner music to drinkin’ music.