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The show’s Eighth Season begins with Bones (Emily Deschanel) still on the run from the FBI, with her father (Ryan O’Neal) and newborn daughter, after being framed for murder by Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds). However, an anonymous tip (by their former boss) leads the Jeffersonian team to uncover the body of Pelant’s high school guidance counselor whose remains may be the key to clear Bones’ name and bring her home.

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The end is near as the current TV season makes way for summer programming and endless reruns. While we can’t keep track of everything fading into black, we will try to help you out with a few choice season finales. Change seems to be in the air for Bones.

Change is the theme of “The Beginning in the End,” but it appears to be the kind of change that should be dealt with in an episode or two after the summer hiatus. All the major characters go their separate ways, but knowing the show will be back in the Fall I’d suspect more murder, lab antics, and hot ‘n cold Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel) action next season.

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