exit through the gift shop

Last week, I posted a link on Facebook about the Academy Awards’ position on whether to let a monkey-masked man accept an Oscar statue, should Banksy win. What follows is a debate between myself, Scene-Stealers contributor and artist Michael Bird and Commercial Artisan co-chair Jon Sholly. This discussion goes beyond the merits of Exit Through the Gift Shop and goes into what it may mean to the art community itself. Read the full discussion here.


Another year of Cinema has come and gone, and I can’t help but feel we got cheated of any true masterpieces. Having said that, the next rung down – the four- and four-and-a-half star films of the world – seemed to be abnormally plentiful this year. In crafting my ten favorite films of the year, I ultimately came up with twenty-four films that I felt were worthy of a spot on the list – if not necessarily in any year, then pracitcally as much as any one that did make 2010’s cut. (As such, the unlucky fourteen are listed at the end). The following movies could just of easily been presented without order, none of them feel head-and-shoulders above any other; but after a few days of indecision, this is what I came to. Let me know what you think below – what were your favorite movies of the year?
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