The fight that was promised to us at the end of the first issue is delivered in full here as the team of Annihilators (GladiatorQuasarRonan the AccuserBeta Ray Bill and Ikon the Space Knight) throw down with the Avengers (Iron ManCaptain AmericaSpider-ManWolverineMs. MarvelValkyrie, and the Thing) who have shown up to stop the alien invaders from leveling a Colorado town… by creating more violence and further leveling the Colorado town.

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The disagreement over how to shoot a feature film between it’s producer and cinematographer gets the xtranormal treatment here. Cute, but slightly NSFW due to language.

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She's My Man

by ShadowStalker on April 28, 2010

in Music Videos

When I was trying to find more Scissor Sisters videos for yesterdays post, I came across this awesome homage to the old Matrix ping-pong video.

Someday I’ll find the time to get our archives online, at which point I can link to our original post about that ping-pong video.

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That’s just one of the questions you can answer when you do battle to find The Most Awesome Thing Ever.

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