Film Review


Yup, you read that right: It’s an hour and 15 minutes of nothing but The Dark Knight Rises discussion with your hosts Aaron & Alan, along with our pals Trevon McGee and Ian McFarland. Worry not, folks! It’s a wholly spoiler free discussion of Christopher Nolan’s last chapter in his Batman trilogy and as you might expect: There’s a whole mess of differing opinions, crude remarks at each others’ expense, and of course the lesson of love.

Listen now or iTunes the hell out of it later!


On Wednesday night, Scene-Stealers‘ Eric Melin tricked me into reviewing YET ANOTHER Zack Synder film: Sucker Punch. At least this time he dragged the Cap’n into the mix, along with SS contributor Micheal Bird and‘s Trevan McGee.

Take a few minutes to watch us try to come to grips with a film that couldn’t even live up to the narrative standard of “Janey’s Got a Gun”!