first love


by mr sparkle on October 7, 2011

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Gus Van Sant is a hard filmmaker to categorize. He’s gone through phases where he’s made darling indie classics, Oscar Bait, remakes, High School drama, and quiet meditations. His latest, Restless, isn’t another radical departure for the proud Portlander, but it does help to clarify what commonalities unite his filmography. All his films, and this is especially true of Restless, are personal but muted stories told with a real cinematic eye for the quietly powerful.

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by alphamonkey on March 3, 2010

in Short Film

Do you remember your first kiss? Your first love? Writer/director Ben Briand beautifully captures that uncomfortable feeling you get on a first date when discussing such subjects and the mix of joy and melancholy nostalgia which permeates such tales.

APRICOT, short film by Ben Briand

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