Seriously dude, we didn’t know your voice could get that high.

Crazy Lady Freaks Out After Missing Ferry


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Episode 20: Mano-a-Mano

by alphamonkey on November 11, 2011 · 0 comments

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We’re back! The Cap’n and I sit down to chew over the nearly Final Fantasy-like quality of January Jones’ acting, Marvel going full-monty digital,… Uh, hold on. The EPA? Wait, no…give me a minute. Um…. Oh yeah, our picks and pans from the last two weeks of comics! Bonus segment: reader mail!

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Settle in, kids! We’re jacked up on gigglejuice and Bobby’s locked the doors! This week: Digital distribution and keeping retailers alive! Aaron suffers through Transformers: Dark of the Moon! Fighting robots! Bobby gets all legalese! Doctor Who season finale! Alan discovers Casanova! And of course comics, comics, comics as we walk through the week in new releases.

And hey! Got something you want to say to us? Give us a call at +1.816.343.8886 or e-mail the Freak-Out at There’s good odds we’ll play your message on the air, or at least act it out using funny voices.

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Holy crap! It’s podcast time! Yesterday the Cap’n, our good pal Bobby Bierley and I sat down to talk about Thor, the last two weeks in comics, the mysterious allure of Vampirella, and why when Beast Boy and War Machine fight, everyone loses. LISTEN! LISTEN NOW!

In which Doris gets her goat

We’re still getting the hang of this newfangled (ha) technology, so bear with us some audio-hiccups. I recommend drinking along with it, as with most things it’s funnier when you’re drunk.

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