hogan no holds barred 1989God bless Trevan McGee. He boldly goes where most of us would either not dare to go or not dare to admit we would go.

That is, he watches countless B-movies and C-movies late, late at night while everyone else is fast asleep.

This week, he pulls out the atomic leg drop on Hulk Hogan‘s “No Holds Barred,” a 1989 movie where Hogan plays a good-natured wrestler who stands for truth, justice, and the American way! Trevan has inserted lots of clips from the film so you can enjoy the best (worst) of it without having to sit through the entire thing like Trevan did.

Enjoy this edition of Insomniac Movie Theater: No Holds Barred.

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Introducing the Swan Teasmade, The Clock and Tea Maker. Just fill the pot with tea bags and cold water at night and when the water boils in the morning at the set time the alarm wakes you up and provides you a nice cup o’ tea. Now that’s pretty damn cool.

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Half fiberglass art sculpture and half video wall, the 60-foot Manifold was created for HP’s Palo Alto Headquarters by Tronic Studio. You can find a video of the wall transforming from different angles here.

[via Fast Company]

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Okay, maybe you don’t need Punisher headphones, but don’t tell me you don’t want them! Iron Man, Wolverine, and Hulk are also available for $39.99 each.

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One of the things we found in our downtime were these Japanese Lightsaber USB thumbdrives.

I like the concept, the idea that it actually lights up, and the price ($19.99) isn’t too shabby either. But how can a Jedi make due in this day and age with only a single GB?

As Darth Vader himself might say: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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vader clockNow no officer in the Imperial Fleet wants to be awakened by Darth Vader. Yeah, you just know that’s not ending well.

But with this Darth Vader Helmet AM/FM Clock Radio (which includes jacks for MP3 and CD players, and sound clips from the films) you can be jarred from your peaceful slumber by the Dark Lord of the Sith every morning.

A $50 price tag might be a bit too much, but it is available pre-order at a discounted price here.

And if you will not get it… perhaps your sister will.

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Meet Trexa

by alphamonkey on January 20, 2010

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trexaShe’s one sexy little bitch. The world’s first fully-electric vehicle development platform, Trexa can be tailored to virtually any application to custom create your very own electric car of the future.

“The platform is highly scalable, so features such as range, suspension, torque, acceleration, and top speed can all be tailored to suit the vehicle’s intended purpose. For starters, the standard platform has an acceleration of 0-60mph in 8 sec, a top speed of 100mph, a 105 mile range, and a charge time of 4 hours (based upon an efficiency of 200Wh per mile — comparable to a Prius in electric mode).”

“Working with this simple streamlined platform, designers can build virtually any vehicle they can dream up. Trexa is also offering a vehicle developer’s kit complete with a docking system, steering wheel/pedalbox, and CAD models for designing on the platform, which makes this system as plug-and-play as vehicle design gets.”

Learn more here.

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Soundwave transforms your music by adding the awesome

by alphamonkey on January 15, 2010

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Is $80 too much to pay for a fully functioning transformable Soundwave MP3 player? I don’t think so. I don’t this so, at all.

soundwave mp3 player

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