Our friend Eric Melin’s driving skills pretty much are on par with the bear in the video.

Let’s Play Enviro-Bear 2000 – Operation: Hibernation Gameplay
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Gun Blood

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Are you stuck in your cubicle and do you feel like riddling some nameless desperado with holes? Check out Gun Blood. It’s for YOU!



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You are the doodle in Scribbland. Move your little critter across the screen by holding the mouse button (let go to jump), grab some coins, and try and make it to the exit of each screen without dying. Simple, though the inability to turn around gives it a little bit of challenge. I’m really posting this for the doodle-like design, which you must admit is kinda cool. Enjoy!



bongo boom battlegroundsListen to the beat and tap out your orders for you army to attack in Bongo Boom Battlegrounds.

If it seems a bit familiar that’s because the little strategic flash game was inspired by Patapon for the Sony PSP. If you’ve never played a rhythm-based game the controls might be a bit awkward at first. Take the quick tutorial to get you up to speed.


Blast Master

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blast masterIn Blast Master the object is to clear all the bombs from screen, by blowing up everything. So get your 80’s level violence on and let’s blow some shit up!

Mouse and Left-Click = Place Explosives

Click the Start Button (upper left-hand corner above the explosive charges) to Blow Up Explosives.


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Yeah, me too.


Penguin Destroyer

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I’ve always kinda liked penguins (thanks to fpnd childhood memories of Tennesse and his walrus pal Chumley), but if you’ve ever felt a burning hatred for the flightless tuxedo birds and have wanted to commit bloody murder with a grenade cannon then Penguin Destroyer is the game for you.

penguin destroyer


100 game cupcakesThen this little list of cupcakes made up to look like various games (including everything from Scrabble to Zelda) is for you. How many you you name?

100 Games Cupcake Game


Captain Forever

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captain foreverThe controls for Captain Forever take a little getting used to, but I like the idea of building up your space ship by scavenging the debris of the enemy ships you destroy. Test it out and see what you think. To pause and get a full control list just hit P.


Inspired by M.C. Escher’s classic optical illusion and the echolocation of dolphins Devil’s Tuning Fork was designed by group of DePaul students over six months to compete in the Independent Games Festival. Take a look. Thanks to Paul for the heads-up!

Devil’s Tuning Fork