john cusack ione skye say anything J.D. made a list of his Top 10 Romantic Comedies last year, and I never mustered up a response. Another Valentine’s Day is upon us, and now it’s my turn to give some recommendations that won’t leave you feeling cheated in this much-maligned (and sometimes very rightly so) genre of movies. I did, however, write a Top 10 Movies to Trick Your Sweetheart Into Watching on Valentine’s Day list last year for guys who want to watch action films and girls who want to watch romantic comedies. For easier digestion, it’s divided in half: five for each sex.

But this year, I’m playing it straightforward. These 10 movies (and all of the honorable mentions) will do you right this Valentine’s Day, I promise. Here’s a look at my new Top 10 Romantic Comedies list. Believe it or not, there were too many good ones to fit them all in!

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