Green Lantern movie

In blackest night...

Oh, it’s *on* now.

That’s right, I got me a power ring! Is it going to look ultra-hot on my desk, and will be noticeably absent from the Cap’n’s? YES. This will definitely dull the pain as it looks like I’ll be missing out on the press screenings due to being in salty Las Vegas..

And the best part? The box and crushed velour give off an odor I can only imagine springs from the musty arm-hair of a Neal Adams era Hal Jordan. Mmmmm, smells like justice.

Super thanks to DC, Warner Bros., and the fine folks at Allied Integrated Marketing!

Note:My alternate title and content: “Dear Ryan, YES! A Thousand times yes! You’ve made me the happiest nerd in the world! Suck it, Scarlett!

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