holy crap

Ladies and gents, Bossk.

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World’s Biggest Pac-Man

by Cap'n Carrot on April 15, 2011

in Games

We know it’s Friday and you’re on the way out of the office but we just had to share with you the awesome of World’s Biggest Pac-Man. Each of those squares you see? Yeah, each one of those is a connected Pac-Man maze. Prepare to kiss your weekend goodbye.

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Good fan films mush be cherished and shared. So, TMNT fans, I give you Fight The Foot .

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Hover Shark!
Love Shark Week? You’re gonna go absolutely apeshit over Hover Shark©! Ma Nature’s taken her most efficient killing machine and kicked it up a notch! Why settle for being afraid to go back in the water? Now be afraid to get anywhere *near* the water!

Hover Shark©, from Mother Nature, the nature that cares enough to kill you with absolutely everything she makes!

And coming next summer: Hover Shark 2.0! Lasers? Hell, no! That one will be packing TIME TRAVEL!!!

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