king kong 1933 posterRyan Klima has joined the esteemed list of many Scene-Stealers readers before him. He proved his mettle as an obsessed movie fan by contributing his own Top 10 list! From a giant shark to a giant ape, his list of the Top 10 Most Iconic Movie Posters is right here. To send me your list, email eric@scene-stealers.com. Speaking of cool Scene-Stealers contributors …

… also up today is George Hickman‘s Day 5 report from Fantastic Fest 2009. He’s got the early scoop on some of the scariest movies for Halloween this year. One is out now in sort sort of secret Amazon alliance and another comes out on DVD/Blu-ray today. Make sure and read all about “House of the Devil,” “[REC] 2,” and “Trick ‘R Treat” right here.

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goldfinger smokescreen aston martinThis week we have a very cool Top 10 list for you, courtesy the Lawrence, KS-based video movie reviewers at Two Awesome Movie Nerds. They’ve drawn up their plans for a Top 10 list of cool movie cars, an idea that’s been skidding around my brain for quite some time. I’m glad they beat me to the finish line because I know this list will spark a lot of discussion. What’s really cool is that they added a couple really great ones that I had forgotten all about.

What do you think? Let them know over at the list of Top 10 Coolest Movie Cars. Happy Top 10 Tuesday!

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