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by alphamonkey on July 10, 2009 · 1 comment

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tauntaun-sleeping-bagA few nuggets of interest…

Google has announced a plans to put out a new Chrome OS for netbooks sometime next year.

Chinese industrial designer Ye Yao has envisions robots cleaning our oceans. The WatCleaner would be able to differentiate between fish and garbage, and have the ability to detect and search out oil spills for easy clean-up.

I’ve purposefully never seen the live-action theatrical release of Super Maro Bros., and now thanks to the A.V. Club’s detailed review I never have to.

And lastly, if you’re searching for a b-day gift for alphamonkey you should look no further than the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag. Take a close look at the detailed inside lining. Nice.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Drunk History, a series of videos (far too few, if you ask me) wherein intelligent people are given way too much alcohol, and then asked to recount historical events.

As a bonus, the makers of these films convinced actors like Michael Cera and Jack Black to mime out the stories as they’re told by the inebriated historians. Volumes 1-4 (including 2.5!) are hilarious, and, despite their age, one can only pray that more are in the works.

Drunk History, Volume 1

(Beware YouTube imitators: it seems an awful lot of people have decided to try their hand at drunken histories of their own)

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So our proprietor, Alpha, may harbor dire concerns about what technology will bring with it. But I, for one, welcome the future with open arms, and Bacon Salt is the chief reason why. Their tag line is “Everything should taste like bacon.” You had me at hello, buddy.

Bacon Salt is exactly what you think it is. A seasoning you apply to foods, any foods at all, that will make them taste like bacon. Of their multiple flavors, not a single one has meat in it… though I”m not sure if I’ve decided that’s a good thing or not. AND it’s kosher!

Seeing as I’ve long held to the opinion that all forms of food are merely Bacon-Delivery Devices, this is a drastic step in the direction of convenience and Ease-of-Bacon-Consumption for me.  The only thing I can conceive of that might be easier is a bacon flavored spread – yeah. They have that. It’s called Baconnaise. BACONNAISE.


Somewhere between their Bacon Blog and Operation Bacon Salt (“An initiative to provide Bacon Salt to the men and women serving overseas in foreign conflicts,”) these guys got their marketing ducks all in a row. Silly product, and yet, I want it so bad it hurts deep inside.

So, c’mon, Alpha. So what if we’ll all have microchips implanted into our hearts so our robot masters can blow us up if we ever try to escape?
As least we’ll have bacon.

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Obama Headline madness

by Gorlog on January 23, 2009

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Is your head in the clouds? Is Obama madness in your blood? Then check out this cool collage of newspaper headlines. Its wicked cool.


Newspapers Covering Obama’s Inauguration

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Lately I have not been posting much here or on my site, due to having a ton of work finishing up on a film and attempting to do some of my own. That does not mean that the fact that gaming on the web has become amazingly good slipped past me. Flash is quickly becoming a serious gaming platform, take for example, one of the best flash games I have ever played, Robokill. Not only is the gameplay great, the fact that it is in a web browser and loads almost instantly just blows me away. The future of gaming is becoming so sweet.


Speaking of the future of gaming, check out FireNes, a Firefox 3 extension that lets you play 2000 NES games right in Firefox. While I am still waiting to get my computers back from the editors who are selfishly borrowing them, I can’t install or try this, so I leave it up to you all to do so and report back on how awesome or un-awesome it is.

UPDATE: I thought Robokill was jaw-dropping.  I spoke way too soon.  Check out this flash based 3D engine.  According to Wonderland, the version for Flash 10 is even better.  God the future is just so awesome.

And on the topic of gaming, the AP says: “$1.12 billion in May” (Go here to understand why I just said that).

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Physics Is Phun!

by Andy Cochrane on February 20, 2008

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Yo peep this video of a realtime, fun as hell looking physics program, then go download it here. Someone with a PC download and try Phun out and tell me if it is as awesome as it looks, because my geek intuition says “abso-f**kinglutely it is”. Via BoingBoing.

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Morning quickies

by alphamonkey on February 12, 2008

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The Artwork of John AlvinCharles Fawcett – Best obituary ever.

The worst food in America

The first time our presidential candidates made the news…

The artwork of John Alvin – Alvin created some of the most iconic film posters of our lifetime, and I’m sad to hear he passed away last Wednesday.

A collection of THX trailers

Beard Revue – Yup, a blog about awesome beards.

The 50 Most Popular Web Design Blog Posts, Resources & Cheat Sheets of 2007

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Get your checkbooks out folks, I think this guy is on to something… Also, check out the website for more of this; the “Uploads” tab is my favorite part.

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Nowheremen Ep.2

by Andy Cochrane on January 30, 2008 · 4 comments

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This week’s episode of Nowheremen brings us more questions and less answers per minute [mqala/min] than LOST ever managed to pack in, but I know in my heart that there will be answers to come (unlike LOST- that sh!t is never going to be answered). But the acting and visual style of this series are both really interesting, and deeply confusing right now. If you like good things that are well done, give this series some of your love, I know these guys will not make it a waste of your time. Also, in case you haven’t been paying attention, 50% of the cool of this series is the ARG running on the site- if you like the videos here you’ll love the materials available there.

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time-person-of-the-year-2006Ajit over at Ticklebooth has created his end of 2007 round up of the best videos on the ‘net, and it is so complete that rather than creating my own, lesser list, I’ll just send y’all his way. There’s a bunch on there that I completely agree with, a few that were new to me (there really is just too much to see on the web these days, isn’t there?), and a few that were/are not my favorites. But I will let the discerning minds that spend their time browsing these pages make their own decisions, so go now!

Oh and I know that the above image is the 2006 cover of TIME, but I feel like it is perhaps “You” who are the person of the new millennium, not just 2006. Everything is changing in media and entertainment, and we are all witness to an absolutely gigantic shift in the way that music and video are created and distributed. I was thinking recently about the fact that every generation before now has had something important happen- the industrial revolution, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Watergate, the 60’s the 70’s, the Cold War, the Space Race… global shifts that everyone was involved in and affected by. Until the rise of New Media in the past few years, we didn’t really have anything like that- the 80’s saw the rise of greed, the 90s were all about Generation X and apathy, Y2K was a bust, the Iraq war protesters have yet to really show up in any great numbers, etc. But now we are witness to a monumental shift, the end result of which is really not knowable. I am excited to see where things go in 2008, and more importantly the next decade- some giants will fall and new, younger giants will rise in their places. I say bring it on.

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