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Princess of Thieves

by Cap'n Carrot on June 28, 2011

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princess-of-thievesWhen I learned there was a Robin Hood movie out there I hadn’t seen that starred Keira Knightley I knew I had to track it down. Princess of Thieves isn’t the most original tale of a headstrong young girl showing her father she can stand on her own, but it does provide its share of moments.

The film didn’t have the biggest budget (it was a made-for-TV project which premiered on The Wonderful World of Disney), but in look and style (if not writing) it compares favorably to similar projects including the recent Robin Hood BBC series.

The film centers around the daughter of Robin Hood (Stuart Wilson) and Marian (Hannah Cresswell) who has grown estranged from her father, whom she sees rarely. When news reaches that Richard the Lionheart is dying the king sends his chosen heir, his only son Phillip (Stephen Moyer), into Robin Hood’s keeping and away from the treacherous plans of Prince John (Jonathan Hyde).

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Oh Keira. Okay, my day is now shot to hell. Directed by Joe Wright this is the full version of Chanel’s “Coco Mademoiselle” short film/commercial featuring Alberto Ammann and the the one and only Keira Knightley. Oh my. The song is “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown and Betty Jean Newsome and is performed here by Joss Stone. Oh, and did I mention, it features Keira Knightley (or, as I like to think of her, the future Mrs. Carrot)?

COCO MADEMOISELLE – THE FILM – 3’20” full version

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I will freely admit to carrying a torch for the lovely Miss Keira Knightley. Whether in period pieces like Pride & Prejudice and The Duchess, a damsel in distress turned pirate, a bow-toting Woad warrior, the decoy queen of Naboo, a young soccer player, or even as kick-ass bounty hunter Domino Harvey, she’s simply brilliant.

Lady, you knock my socks off.

As today is her 25th birthday I just wanted to throw a little happy karma and a few well wishes her way.

Happy Birthday Keira!

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