kylie minogue

The a capella version of Kylie Minogue’s “All The Lovers” is set to the beat of Huey Lewis and the News’ “The Power of Love” in this mashup from Maxi Jo and Jarod Ripley, with plenty of Back to the Future clips thrown in for good measure.

Maxi Jo “The Power Of The Lovers” (Kylie Vs Huey Lewis)

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The One

by alphamonkey on August 14, 2008

in Music Videos

My rule of thumb for an earworm is ‘if it infects me, I’m passing it on to you’ regardless of genre, so allow me to infect you with The One, a new single from Kylie Minogue, who (thanks to last year’s Doctor Who Christmas Episode) I no longer think of as that silly Locomotion girl who was in Street Fighter.

Enjoy. 🙂

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