We’ll close out our little mini Saturday night dance party with some goodness from Fort Awesome favorite, Kylie Minogue* and “In My Arms“. This is a remix version, because apparently the official YouTube clip is thwarting uh…pirates? fans? by not allowing embed.

*I’ll admit it: I dig Kylie Minogue, but even if I didn’t like the music, she’ll always win serious points for her fantastic turn as a Companion in the 10th Doctor’s mid-point Christmas special


The One

by alphamonkey on August 14, 2008 · 0 comments

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My rule of thumb for an earworm is ‘if it infects me, I’m passing it on to you’ regardless of genre, so allow me to infect you with The One, a new single from Kylie Minogue, who (thanks to last year’s Doctor Who Christmas Episode) I no longer think of as that silly Locomotion girl who was in Street Fighter.

Enjoy. :)